Thursday, June 12, 2014

all about mac: 2 months

Weight: At her doctor's appointment (at a little over 2 months old) she was 13 pounds 4 ounces!  That's the 94th percentile. 

Height: 23 inches.

Health:  She's a healthy little girl.  No fevers yet.  She got her vaccinations at her 2 month check up and it was so hard to watch.  She was just lying there, happy as a clam, and BAM.  She gets stabbed 3 or 4 times by the nurse.  She had one of those delayed cries where all I'm thinking is "breathe... breathe..."  She then took a 3 hour nap, was a little fussy and tired throughout the evening, and then slept really well that night - only waking up once to nurse. She survived without having to take any Tylenol.

Nicknames:  Peanut, butter cup, Mac (obviously), cheeks (for obvious reasons), chunky monkey, kid

Teething: She's not teething but she is drooling more, making bubbles, and has a little acne around her mouth.

Clothing:  Her 0-3 month clothes are getting small and this makes me so sad!  Not because she's getting bigger but because I hate seeing her grow out of such cute clothes.  She wears 3-6 month pants because of her big, cloth diaper booty.

Diapers: Loooooving the cloth diapers.  She hasn't worn a single disposable diaper since we switched over to cloth at about 3 weeks old.  She has not had a diaper rash and no blow-outs.  She's had a couple leaks if I've lost track of time or if she took a super long lap.  We double stuff them at night and still no leaks for a 9 hour stretch of sleep.  Love me some Bum Genius diapers.

Eating:  Obviously she's eating like a champ if she's in the 94th percentile.  I'm trying to get away from feeding before naps and using a pacifier instead.  So far it's working. 
Sleeping (night):  Great for the most part.  When she was going through a "leap" or growth spurt, she woke up about 2 times a night.  But now that's she's past that leap, she's only waking up once at about 4:30am.  She eats for 10 minutes and goes right back to sleep.  I don't even know if I open my eyes during these feedings!  She goes down at 10:00 and is up at 7:30.  Can't complain!

Sleeping (naps):  She's doing pretty well.  She's basically on a 3 hour schedule - awake for 1 1/2 hours, naps for 1 1/2 hours, so on and so forth throughout the day until 7:00 pm when we keep her up until 10:00.  Of course it's not always consistent but it puts me in charge of her schedule as in I wake her up instead of letting her sleep long stretches of time.  This is based on Baby Wise.

Social:  She loves any kind of face time and from pretty much anyone.  She coos and smiles and even laughed out loud at Grandpa Jim!  Sigh... her first LOL. 

Likes:  She loves these little baby books that are mostly black and white - she coos and kicks and smiles. 

Dislikes:  Sometimes tummy time, getting her nose sucked

New this month:  Definitely the cooing and intentional smiling.  It's the best and it melts my heart.

Fun things we did:   
-Went to Meade to celebrate Seeley's (Ehren's dad) 30th anniversary at the hospital - she slept the whole way down and back (about 5 1/2 hours each way)
-Our first Mother's Day
-Mommy and Daddy went on TWO dates and grandma babysat
-Went on lots of walks with big brother Cozy
-Two trips to grandma Shirley's house

Mom:  I'm doing much better.  I wrote the last post in a very positive place and I'm mentally and emotionally much better.  I've gotten back to exercising regularly and can fit in a pretty good work out during McCauley's morning nap.  I feel so much better and can handle frustrating newborn situations much better if I've worked out that morning.  On my 30th (ew) birthday, all I wanted was to go to Target by myself and then get a pedicure.  My wonderful husband took over so I could enjoy some alone time. 

Dad:  Ehren's getting into his work routine and staying very busy during the week.  I think he's really enjoying Mac now that she's more interactive and isn't always looking for something he doesn't have.  He's so good about taking over baby duty when he gets home from work so I can cook dinner or just sit and veg alone.  It's really cute to watch him read stories to her and make all sorts of voices.  He's so helpful and I couldn't ask for anything more.

What we are looking forward to:  We pretty much look forward to everyday because she changes so much and so fast.  I'm looking forward to more coos and babbles and smiles.  Every time she shows me those dimples I smile bigger than she does.  

This month in pictures:

 Tummy time with big bro' Cozy. 

Those eyelashes.  Those cheeks.  That bow.  Ugh. 

Our first long road trip - it went very smoothly despite how crazy this picture looks.

Our children slept the whole way.

Quit choking her, Dad!

 McCauley learning Mahjong with all the Filipinas.

Time with Lolo.


Okay, before anyone freaks out, I did not leave her unattended with this bow around her head.  It worked though :)  Mom of the year?

"And for waking me up from my nap, I'm giving you the finger" - Mac

Daddy's mesmerizing kisses...

Job and Holland getting some time with Mac.

Job patted her head/face and said "you're so cute!"

ATNR for the win!

Floor time with grandma and great grandma.

Thirtieth birthday date night!

We went to Merchants for my birthday and it was delicious, as always.  This is also where we ate after we heard Mac's heartbeat for the first time.  Crazy.

Wearing her "Mother's Day" best.

Four generations of Shirley girls!

Story time with grandma. 

We've been having play dates with some of my PT classmates.  My child looks huge compared to her boyfriends!  Left to right, Mac, Oden, Jackson.

First trip to the dog park as a family of four... so fun!

While I work out during Mac's nap times, Cozy is my motivation partner.  Except that he's not very motivating... he just lies there, waiting for me to finish.

Oh, hey there baby daddy. 

Lean with it... rock with it...

"Sometimes...  I eat too much... and then I frow up." - Mac

Daddy/Mac selfie time.  I think I fell in love with both of them all over again when I saw this pic.

Talking with grandpa Jim.

Mommy's favorite time of day... when Daddy comes home!

Ehren had a networking get together on May 22nd at Abe and Jake's which just happened to be where we had our wedding reception on May 23rd, 2009... 5 years ago.  We had to recreate this picture with our new addition almost exactly 5 years ago to the day.

Family time in bed!

Cozy our sled stroller dog.  (Ehren is pretending that Cozy is pulling for you safety nerds out there :))

Mac in awe of the great outdoors.

Memorial Day at grandma's house.

Ugh.  That smile and those dimples.

Mac has found her fist and she doesn't know what to think about the taste.

 See you next month!

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