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all about mac: 3 months

Weight:  Not really sure as we haven't had a doctor's appointment - but as you can tell by the rolls above, we are not having an issue with weight gain. 

HeightNot sure about this either.

Health:  Happy and healthy as can be!

Nicknames:  Kid, baby cakes, squeaky, peanut, schmickety schmack

Teething: No sign yet but she does bring everything in her hands to her mouth and chews on it.

Clothing:  She's barely fitting into any 3 month old clothes - especially with her cloth diapers on.  She's wearing a lot of 3-6 month clothes now.

Diapers: Still loving the cloth diapers.  We went to Western Nebraska over the 4th and we had to use some disposables.  It was funny how small her butt looked and how well she fit into her pants!  However, I didn't like the perfumy smell of them. 

Eating:  Eating very well.  Sometimes when I nurse her she gets distracted and looks up at me and smiles.  She's so much more interactive and I love it - even though it may take longer to get her feeding done.
Sleeping (night):  She is still waking up once a night to nurse which is not that bad.  She still sleeps in the swaddle.  The bad part is when I have to work the next morning and I can't go back to sleep after her 4:30 am feeding!  It makes for a long day. 

Sleeping (naps):  Like clock work she will either wake up or get fussy right at 45 minutes into her nap.  She typically takes two short ones (about an hour) and a long one (anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2).

Social:  Very talkative, lots of cooing and happy screeching.  I can tell she's going to be very observant when she gets older.  She's not quick to smile at new people.  If you've seen pictures of her, she's got a pretty serious face in most of them.  Sometimes the serious face can be just as cute as a smiley one. 

Likes:  Crinkly paper that she shoves in her mouth, loves to chew on burp rags (or mouth diapers as Ehren calls them), starting to pay more attention to Cozy and vice versa.  She loves the "disco kitty" that hangs over her activity mat that lights up and plays music.  She loves being outside, she loves my singing or maybe she thinks it's laughable?  She smiles and laughs at me when I sing.  She likes a game we call "jellyfish" where we hold our hands over her head and wiggle our fingers as they get closer to her.  She's really starting to enjoy tummy time!

Dislikes:  Besides getting her nose sucked I can't really think of anything.  Sometimes she fights sleep but not for very long.

New this month:  Tolerating tummy time 10-15 minutes.  She takes little rest breaks and rests her head on the floor and then lifts it right back up.  She's better at grabbing objects; she brings any object directly to her mouth and chews on it.  She is able to entertain herself better while I make dinner or clean house.  She loves making lots of noise and mimicking the noises we make. 

Fun things we did:  
  • First Father's Day
  • First dip in a real pool
  • Trip to Western Nebraska for the 4th to celebrate with family and her new cousin Harper
  • More playdates with her PT baby boyfriends
  • Learned how to splash in the bath tub
  • Started daycare

Mom:  I'm back to work which is an adjustment but not really in a bad way.  Everyone asks if it was hard to leave McCauley and... it really wasn't.  Does that make me a bad mom?  I think if I didn't enjoy the people I work with so much and didn't love and trust Mac's babysitters so much, it would be a lot harder.  It feels good to get ready in the morning and wear shoes and socialize and work with patients even though I enjoy playing on the floor so much with her.  My days aren't that long and there's plenty of time in the evening to be with the little babe.  I'm part-time (best thing ever) so that also makes it more bearable.  If I went back full-time it would be a different story.  I work Wednesday, Thursday, Fridays and I think it's going to be a really good balance.  I'll be a better mom and a better PT with breaks from both "occupations" during the week.  But, boy is it a lot of work to get things ready the night before!  Bottles washed, milk thawed and ready, diapers washed and ready, toys gathered, lunches made, breakfast pre-made, dinner for the next night in the crock-pot, etc.  However, all the prepping the night before makes for a smooth morning.  It's also been very weird setting an alarm for the first time since March.  Miss Mac has been my alarm for the last 3 months!

Dad:  Ehren is staying very busy with work and started CrossFit awhile ago.  I love that he's so excited to work out and that he needs very little encouraging.  He does the drop off for daycare (either with my mom or dad or our friend Emma) which is great since I have to be at work at 8:00 and his schedule is so flexible.  He's just the best dad ever - always willing to play with her or help me out.  I can't say enough good things about him.

What we are looking forward to: More and more smiles and babbling.  Maybe sleeping through the night?  Losing more of this baby weight (grrr).

This month in pictures:

We put another play date in the books - Jackson, McCauley, Oden.

Like my mohawk?

Or my Alfalfa hair?

My nephew had his birthday party at the Baldwin City pool.  Yes she's wearing a two piece and yes she loved the water.

Dara and Dell the dog love Mac, too.

Shame on her for sleeping through church...

She began sticking her tongue out this month.

I had my postpartum check up this month with my doctor - after all those months of doctor's appointments, it was crazy to walk in there with a baby in my arms!

Hello, world.

Tipping the scales this month.

Daddy giving Mac a pep talk before her shots - I believe he was talking to her about forgiveness.

Post shots nap.  She was actually really good - a little fussy but slept great that night.  No Tylenol was needed.

Tummy time!

Putting their heads together just like their moms did way back in PT school.

The last PT baby play date before we all went back to work.  It was sad but also very cool to see how much they've grown up over the last few months!

Post nap snuggles.

This week she discovered her right hand and proceeded to show me multiple times a day.  So cute. 

Sometimes the only way I can get her down for her afternoon nap is to snuggle with her.  Not a problem!

We love to FaceTime with dad when he's at work.  She actually smiles at him sometimes.

Father's Day family pic!

We had brunch at the Eldridge Hotel in Downtown Lawrence.

Then we went to The Toy Store where Mac got attacked by a ostrich.

And then he stole her binkie.

Mac likes to make out with Sophie.

Dog park!

 Floor time with grandpa.

Tummy time with big brother Cozy.

"Honey, will you bring some diapers upstairs?"  When you're a parent, you have to multi-task.

Who do you think she looks like?

One of our family friends is Louis Copt (and his wife Phyllis) who is a local artist in Lawrence.  I've always said that I want to go to their house and watch him paint in his studio.  I finally got to do it this month! 

Date night at Pachamama's.

I wish someone would give McCauley some attention....

Great Grandpa Loyal is so funny.

My sister and Josh's dog Winston wants to play.

"Let's make a deal..."

The night before I went back to work, Ehren got me a Snickers Sonic Blast (a favorite during pregnancy and post pregnancy) and some flowers.  Such a sweet husband.

Story time!

First day back to work / first day at daycare selfie.

I had the pleasure of being in my friend Laura's wedding as a bridesmaid.  She was absolutely stunning!

Miss Serious during bathtime.

 Gotta love the wrinkles during tummy time.

Can you see the squirrel in the front yard?  Cozy sure can.

We drove to Western Nebraska to see family for the 4th of July.  Mac only slept about 30 minutes total during the 5 hour drive to Kearney but she was content and happy!

She got to meet her cousin Harper for the first time - they are about 4 months apart in age.

She also got to meet her Great Aunt Kathy.

Sutherland, Nebraska - where you can lay in the grass because chiggers don't exist.


Showin' some leg.  (Thanks Ashley for the onesie!)

Uncle John playin' a little guitar.

Someone was a little exhausted from the longest road trip yet!

Looking forward to the next month with this little girl!

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