Friday, September 26, 2014

all about mac: 5 months

Weight:   17+ pounds

Height: 25+"

Health: Still a happy and healthy little baby.

Nicknames:  Miss Mac, peanut, Macadoodle, kid, Mackey, sweet thang, baby cakes

Teething: No teeth in sight.

Clothing:  She seems to be nearing the end of the 3-6 month clothes.. especially the pants.  Trying to get her into her skinny jeans reminds me of myself trying to get into my old skinny jeans... :*(

Diapers:  We don't know any different now.  Washing them every other day has just become part of our routine and it's no big deal.  However, when she starts eating in a month and we have to spray off the poop, it won't be as easy.  Good thing every diaper isn't a poopy one!

Eating:  Eating continues to be one of her strong suits.. just like me.  Breastfeeding is so convenient and not messy that I'm almost not looking forward to her starting solid food at 6 months.  It makes me sad that she won't be solely dependent on ME for her food. 
Sleeping (night):  Doing very well.  We've started putting her down much earlier - like 7:30-8:00.  It's so nice because Ehren and I actually have an evening together!  We do a dream feed at around 10:30 or so (where you feed her in her sleep to prolong sleep and reduce hunger during the night) and she will sleep until 6:30-7:00.  We tend to play the binkie game some nights from 4-6 which is really annoying.  We're going to quit that habit real quick!

Sleeping (naps):  You can set a timer for 45 minutes and count on her waking up at that exact time.  I'd rather her take short naps but sleep 11-12 hours a night than the other way around.  It's kind of nice because I can plan better knowing how long she typically sleeps.  It also gets my butt in gear for a work out when I know I only have a set amount of time before she wakes up.

Social:  This girl doesn't know a stranger.  She'll go to anyone and be content.  However, she has started to prefer mom (hooray!) at times.  Sometimes she gets fussy and continues to be upset even after she's fed, diaper changed, not tired and the only thing that fixes it is handing her off to me. 

Likes:  Going on walks, tummy time, sitting outside, Cozy, putting toys in her mouth, grabbing our faces, talking and looking at me while I nurse her, reading books, singing, Sophie the giraffe.
Dislikes:  Waiting for my milk to let down when she starts nursing - I think she inherited my impatience, unfortunately.

New this month:  Lots more social smiling, especially when she recognizes people.  Sitting up for short periods of time!

Fun things we did:  
  • Pooch Plunge at the pool
  • Lolo and Lola (Ehren's parents) came to visit... twice!
  • Farmers Market

Mom: Same old thing.  Workin' (part-time), workin' out (when I have the time/motivation), and being a full-time mom.  I'm "training" for my first 5k that is in October.  I've always ran at Dog Days or for exercise in general but I've never done a race.  Let's just say running isn't the most natural thing for me and I am in no way a fast runner.  I'm just hoping to run it in 30 minutes or less.

Dad:  Still being the best dad ever.  Could not ask for more.  

What we are looking forward to:  More sleeping through the night, rolling from back to tummy, sitting up, and of course, more smiles and laughs.

This month in pictures: 

She loves books!

Lolo Seeley.

My future's so bright...

Already developing good taste for diamonds...

Lookin' pretty for church!

It's so much easier to do chores around the house when Mac is entertained in her exersaucer.

Watching daddy stuff diapers.  I hope she appreciates all the work we do just to contain her bodily fluids.

Hi, Daddy!  Welcome home.  Now I'm going to eat your tie.

She discovered Cozy's feet.

And his thigh...

And his tail...

So peaceful...

Her daycare buddy, Asa and their matching Sophies!

Ehren and I went on a date because my sister forced us so she could babysit for fun.  Margaritas were in order... and so good.

I have a feeling they are going to be fighting over balls someday...


She started sitting up for short periods of time! 

Happy National Dog's Day to our first born, Cozy.

It's all fun and games until the baby gets drunk.

Her mouth found her feet... or vice versa?

Fantasy football draft!  She's choosing her picks wisely.

Kisses from Lola Goudy.

Cozy was worn out from a weekend with his cousin Ava.

Small baby.  Big bed.

She looks like a baby from an 80s workout video.

At the pooch plunge at the city pool - she had to wear her onesie with the GSP on it!

Mac and Grandma Vickie.

The cliche is true - it goes by so fast!

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